Custom Label Applicator Systems
Southern California Packaging Equipment designs, manufactures and delivers a wide variety of product handling and labeling equipment. As the preferred manufacturer of high-performance, Automatic Label Applicator Systems, Custom Label Applicators, Print-Apply Labeling,high-quality labeling systems, we offer a wide range of products to fill your packaging needs.

Automatic Label Applicators
All SCPE automatic label applicators are designed to apply die-cut pressure sensitive labels at speeds of up to 2100 linear inches per minute. Each applicator comes complete with a DC stepper motor, a powered rewind and a 12-inch diameter label roll capacity. Under microprocessor control, all label applicators are accurate to within ± 1/32 of an inch.

Southern California Packaging Equipment automatic label applicators are specifically designed for industrial applications. Our microprocessor controller gives flexible yet accurate label placement, while stainless steel and anodized aluminum provide protection from corrosive environments. Solid drive construction ensures even pressure across the entire web, resulting in extremely accurate label placement. Durability and user friendliness are the dominant factors inherent in all SCPE designs.

Each automatic label applicator is fully adjustable and can be oriented to any attitude providing for top, side, and bottom labeling. All SCPE automatic label applicators can be integrated into an existing system or supplied with its own product-handling conveyor. Our complete line of automatic label applicators can apply labels to a multitude of products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.